Coast Guard Service Day Agenda
Wednesday, June 1
0745-0900 ASMC Opening Welcome and General Information Session
0900-0915 Break/Transition
0915-1015 USCG Welcome & State of Coast Guard Financial Management (60min)
RDML T. A. Sokalzuk, Assistant Commandant for Resources & Chief Financial Officer
Mr. C. A. Bennett, Deputy Assistant Commandant for Resources & Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Mr. M. A. Rose, Director of Financial Operations & Comptroller
RDML (Sel) A. J. Tiongson, Commanding Officer, USCGC JAMES
1015-1100 CG-84: Audit & Audit Remediation (45min)
CAPT Carl Messalle, CDR Colin Campbell, CG-84
1100-1115 Break/Transition
1115-1145 CG-82: FY16 Budget and Strategic Outlook (30min)
LCDR  Luke Petersen, CG-82
1145-1200 Break/Transition
1200-1345 PDI Working Luncheon Session(s)
1345-1400 Break/Transition
1400-1445 DHS Strategic Outlook and Discussion (45min)
Mr. Chip Fulghum, Chief Financial Officer, Department of Homeland Security
1445-1545 CG-86/FMSII: New Line of Accounting & FMSII Updates (60min)
Ms. Debora McCarty, CG-86
1545-1600 Break
1600-1700 FMPS: Business process Re-engineering (60min)
CDR Jeff Eldridge, BPR